All-On-4 is a revolutionary procedure which allows total oral rehabilitation for patients that are tired of dentures, or have teeth that are severely decayed, broken down or compromised due to gum disease.

The procedure is quick, minimally invasive and involves placing four titanium dental implants in each jaw. A fixed prosthesis (bridge) is attached to the implants which supports an entire row of teeth. It is generally completed within a few days – not only the dental surgical procedure itself, but also the placement of fixed (non-removable) teeth with instant function. You will walk away with not only natural-looking teeth that feel and function like your original healthy dentition but also teeth that are highly hygienic and are easy to maintain and clean.

Common Misconceptions

There are a range of common misconceptions surrounding the All On 4 treatment. At Dental 359 we’re here to provide accurate and up to date information.

Is treatment expensive?

At Dental 359, we consider dental implant surgery to be an important procedure requiring skill and experience. Our All-On-4 implants provide a permanent, fixed solution to missing teeth – and we want to make sure that your investment provides the results you are after.

The complete procedure can cost anywhere from $23,000 per arch depending on the complexity of the case.

Your fee will include the diagnostic phase, the surgery itself (inclusive of extractions and titanium implant placement) and the fixed permanent bridge (with a milled titanium frame) and 12 weeks’ worth of post-operative care. It is, we believe the most comprehensive package available.

Is the recovery long and painful?

Dental 359 uses high-grade products as well as ensuring all working environments are safe and above industry standards. All staff are highly qualified and experienced with the All-On-4 procedure so when done well, a dental implant should not be painful! Careful planning is crucial to ensure an implant is placed in the right position and with no long term side effects.

Because the procedure is surgical in nature you should expect some bruising and swelling as a result of your implant placement. Some tenderness can be attributed to the gums for a few days following the procedure and our team of professionals will ensure you are provided with appropriate pain relief post-operatively, however, we find majority of our patients are genuinely surprised with how little discomfort they actually experience during these first few days.

Do the teeth look fake?

At Dental 359 we understand that our patients are putting their trust into our team to deliver life-changing results. We take this very seriously. Which is why we work alongside the best team of dental technicians to ensure your new smile is what dreams are made of.

This doesn’t mean providing every patient with the bright white ‘’Hollywood’’ smile that you see so much of these days. There is no ‘’one size fits all’’ when it comes to a smile transformation.

Our experienced technicians take into account all attributes of an individual when designing their new smile. From height, shape, cultural background, eye and hair colour all of this is taken into consideration.

We aim to deliver natural yet aesthetically pleasing results while ensuring your new teeth function properly.

Is bone grafting necessary prior to treatment?

Even if you have been told that you are not a candidate for dental implants or are lacking enough bone for implants, you may be eligible for the All-on-4® treatment.

The All-On-4 method of treatment places angled implants that can make good use of limited, available bone to support your new teeth, without any need for bone grafting procedures, multiples surgeries or stages of treatment. This allows even those patients with virtually no bone to have fixed teeth without the need for bone grafting.

A Patient of Dr Golestani

A Patient of Dr Golestani

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