Congratulations on your new smile!

We understand there can be an adjustment period following All-On-4 treatment where our patients are still figuring out their new routine when it comes to taking care of their investment.

Everyone works out their own method or routine and that is absolutely fine. Our job is to ensure you are provided with the correct information to clean thoroughly and to maintain your beautiful smile for life!

Here at Dental 359, we provide all the tips and tricks to ensure you are taking the best care of your All-On-4 implants. We provide a thorough post-operative process demonstrating oral hygiene instructions and methods to achieve excellent oral hygiene.

Our first tip is to use three brushes. The first is your regular soft manual toothbrush to use on the bridge. The second and third are two soft implant brushes to use at the junction between the bridge and your gums. This allows you to fully clean the bridge and remove any plaque that could potentially irritate the gumline. It sounds confusing having three toothbrushes, however, we find patients pick up the new technique easily and soon enough can’t live without it.

It is important to clean your new teeth twice a day using a variety of tooth and implant brushes, special floss and a Waterpik, as demonstrated by Dr Golestani and our Hygienist.
Pay close attention to the surfaces where the gums and implant meet. If this area is kept free from plaque, you have every chance of keeping your implants for life.

Dr Golestani and our Hygienist can advise what cleaning devices and techniques best suit you and the particular type of dental implant you have in place.

Take good care of your implants and treat them just as well as you would your natural teeth.

As with natural healthy teeth, it is also important to maintain your regular dental check-ups and professional cleans. All patients who have undergone our All-On-4 treatment are consistently reviewed under our Preventative Maintenance program. These appointments are scheduled generally every six months.

Immediately following your All-On-4 treatment please use the Curasept mouth rinse after all meals for 30 seconds.

Follow this routine for the first week after your procedure. For the next 12 weeks, you will be on a soft diet while the implants are integrating. It is important to follow these instructions to ensure a successful result.

Call Dental 359 and speak to our team for your next cleaning appointment on 1300 625 625.