All-on-4 is a revolutionary approach which allows total oral rehabilitation with only 4 titanium dental implants in each jaw. The implants act as a foundation for the bridge, which allows the placement of a fixed set of teeth similar to natural teeth. The final result? A fixed (non-removable) natural looking dentition, indistinguishable from natural teeth.

At Dental 359 Subiaco (All-on-4 Perth) we always begin with a consultation.

An initial consultation allows the patient to visit our office, meet our wonderful team and have their current dental health evaluated. This will determine if the All-on-4 treatment is the right solution for them. Our team will advise you of the best treatment options for your needs, answering all of your questions.

Many of our patients come to Dental 359 because they are unhappy with their existing bridgework or painful dentures and are seeking an alternative, fixed prosthesis. Also, many patients have been discouraged from implants because they lack sufficient bone volume or suffer from some health problems where conventional surgery with bone grafting is contraindicated. For all these cases, inclusive of patients with severe bone loss, All-on-4 dental implants may be the right solution.

Why choose All-on-4 treatment over traditional single implants?

  • The success rate of All-on-4 treatment is higher than traditional implant techniques- 98%
  • All-on-4 treatment eliminates the need for bone grafting, which is invasive, costly and uncomfortable for patients
  • Can usually be performed in patients with diabetes, osteoporosis or other health conditions that are often contraindications for bone grafting;
  • Procedure is completed in a matter of days – not only the dental surgery but also the placement of fixed (non-removable) teeth with immediate function.
    Traditional techniques often involve multiple surgeries and can take over a year to complete;
  • Natural-looking teeth that feel and work like your natural dentition;
  • Highly hygienic- easy to maintain and clean;

If you believe you may be a good candidate for our All-on-4 procedures contact our friendly and helpful team on 1300 625 625 to arrange your complimentary consultation.

We look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams.